Flippant Friday…. Many An Old Tune


When I first spotted this old piano there was a feeling of sadness, thoughts of the life and fun that the instrument must have given over many years. Rather poignant that is just left abandoned to the savages of weather.

15th March

(C) David Oakes 2019

15 thoughts on “Flippant Friday…. Many An Old Tune

    • True….it was shot on a small Scottish Island that was a busy self contained Slate Quarry Island. So I guess any entertainment had to be homemade and no doubt the piano was centre of the activities. But to see it stand and rot is very sad.


  1. I thought of this one, but this one is so much better than that poor old piano in your photo. First I thought of Diana Ross with her song: My old piano, but this one’s more fun. Think of an old Western movie and a saloon.

    i hope that the old piano in your photo did enjoy many, many years of singing and playing and learning how to play it. It pretty sad to see it now. But it’s just the outside. It’s sole must already be in the Piano Heaven. 🙂


  2. Oh, that makes me sad. That piano once brought joy and merriment, I’m sure. As a piano player (but not a very good one), I know they are heavy and difficult to move but to see it left to rot away just breaks my heart.


    • Seems a waste…..but it is heavy and access to this island, where there are no vehicles, is via a open boat just a little bigger than a rowing boat! So I guess they have taken the easy way out 🙂


  3. It’s hard not to anthropomorphize this old piano a bit, isn’t it? But I find some comfort in thinking that maybe now it’s home to a family of field mice. 🙂 Lovely image!


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