Moody Monday….. Not a Bad Start


The Path to the Woods…Open the Gate to Adventure

Spring is now moving fast…there is a great deal more leaf on the woodland trees adding to the mystery…   Yep, Spring brings us another season of discovery….so lets see what this morning has in store for us

25th March

(C) David Oakes

2 thoughts on “Moody Monday….. Not a Bad Start

  1. What shall I find behind that gate? A dragon? A speaking Toad? The very first Blue Bells? And all trees try to be the first with new, lovely light green leaves?
    Although Mr. Toad made me laugh, I’d rather not meet him in person. A dragon, if not too big, could be a nice surprise. But I guess Blue Bells and new green leaves on trees and shrubs. Have GREAT walk, David. 🙂


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