May Day… a New Month


Yesterday was the 1st of May.  A new month as we speed towards mid- summer.

It was also a rather beautiful day. OK a misty start but the sun soon drove it away leaving a blue sky with some fair weather clouds. With temperatures reaching 17c there could be no complaints.


Wild Garlic has started to flourish, swamping out Bluebells.  On the Lake new life was taking to the waters whilst others just preferred to stand and stare. In the garden the Tulips were putting on a brave fight to last another day whilst the Clematis is just getting up steam for a massed display.  So it might have been a misty start but it was a perfect spring day to welcome in the new month…

That is all good news….but the bad is that the weather forecast is a warning of arctic winds and rains planning to spoil the show.

2nd May

(C) David Oakes 2019

11 thoughts on “May Day… a New Month

  1. Mayday is a sistrress signal, and perhaps we ought to use it over here as well?
    Early this morning the temperatures were down to 7! Yesterday they were 18-19 at the same time in the morning!


    • SOS……. I knew what you meant 🙂 We have artic winds promised for this weekend. At the moment today starts at 12 c with a predicted 17c later. But for a short while we will try our best to enjoy some sunny weather.


  2. Beautiful shots – and the arctic is here already. Strong winds, rain and chilly – our cherry blossoms and plum tree ditto are lying on the ground. A cold May 1.


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