Spring Greens…..


Early Morning and all is Calm on Allestree Lake

If we ever did an indicator that Spring is well underway then it is the colour of green. Green is now just about everywhere and will stay with us now through summer until autumn colours start to appear.  But right now it is that special green…. a green that is aptly named “Spring Green”…. it is a green that also puts a spring into my steps as I enjoy the mornings woodland walk.

It is not very surprising that over the past few weeks it is Bluebells that have taken centre stage….2019 has been a fantastic season.  Now they are all but gone though a few stragglers still fight on, but it is a game they cannot win….


The woodlands are getting darker as the leaf cover creates a canopy that gets thicker day by day.  Meantime out in the more open countryside Hawthorne is in full blossom, the air full of its distinctive sweet scented aroma.  Vegetation is getting lusher and wild flowers are now adding colour.  Ferns are now sprouting and bracken and brambles are starting to cover the woodland floor where once the Bluebells held centre stage.

I did say green is just about everywhere, it is but not as yet on the Ash Trees.  The Ash is the only tree where the buds are still asleep…they are getting plumper so no doubt will burst very soon.  The Oak have been in full leaf for many weeks so we will see if that old country folk law is true –Oak before the Ash we are is for a Splash – Ash before the Oak we are in for a Soak” .

I guess that is the big puzzle of the year so far.  Everything is just so lush and green, green that is usually associated with a damp environment.  Well we have so little rain that it must now be a concern. The forward forecast indicates some rain in the next few days, then its back to above average temperatures and sunshine levels.


17th May

(C) David Oakes 2019



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