Goodbye May….its been good to know you!


May is always the first real month of Spring…always full of promise but it can also be just a little iffy weather wise.  Not this year, it has been a really marvellous sunny and very dry month. The meadows are full of wild flowers and herbs…Red Campion, Clover, Cow Parsley and of course Buttercups all adding a splash of colour to the lush green grasses that one day later in the year will make a great rich hay crop for winter feed.

June is here tomorrow…..and then Mid- Summer, yep, the Summer Solstice is not that far away.  The only sure thing is that as far as the weather is concerned, we will get what we get given, and certainly cannot guarantee a continuance of the un-seasonably warm dry weather we have enjoyed since January.

31st May

(C) David Oakes 2019

4 thoughts on “Goodbye May….its been good to know you!

    • The month has been unusually consistently good…. As for the other May, well that just proves that you cannot try to please all the people. Despite being much maligned I reckon we will probably end up with a EU Deal not vary far from what she has negotiated. Mind you we now know what compromise means…. ” I will agree with you provided you do what I want ” British Politicians have lost the art of negotiation and debate, too many self serving. Enough politics lets enjoy the sunshine 🙂


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