Mid Summer Gardens…..


A perfect June Saturday afternoon that followed the Summer Solstice.  It was also the perfect day for the South Derbyshire village of Ednaston to throw there garden gates wide open and welcome all comers to explore and enjoy their gardens.  For a modest entry fee (proceeds to Charity) you had the freedom of Ednaston’s Open Gardens.


The pleasure of viewing these gardens is that these are not the artificial Pro-Gardens exhibited at the big Flower Shows…these are ordinary gardens created by individuals and created in the style and flavour they wish to enjoy, obviously they are also a labour of love. So  it was a great opportunity to play Nosey Parker..so why not join us

Congrats and thanks to all the garden owners for creating a great afternoon out…. also a big thank you for providing a welcome Tea Tent for tea and cakes…. just the right end to a perfect June day.


24th June

(C) David Oakes 2019

7 thoughts on “Mid Summer Gardens…..

  1. Mid-summer? Already?! Now where did that summer go to? Came to think about it: Throught the years we’ve always had a lot of bonfires on the eve of Jun 23rd, but this year – for some reason there has been no mention of such, no pictures of readiness, no reports from ‘the largest of all’, absolutely nothing! So will todays papers be a bit different?
    I wonder!


    • The way the Political World is going the media may well have something more woeful to tell us. But on a brighter note…we usually find the summer after the solstice is much more like summer should be – not today though heavy cloud, humid and thunder predicted and the same for tomorrow.


    • Well Sue I think you would enjoy exploring all the corners of all these gardens…the village is small and very old but like others villages there are some new builds. Thankfully they are for the most part tasteful and fit with the older surrounds…as for the gardens! Well some of the new look old and some of the old look modern. All in all a great blend. It is a real village effort and lots of hard work. They were also relieved that it wasn’t the previous Saturday, as one garden owner said to me “last Saturday I was all for cancelling the event -everywhere was saturated”. 🙂


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