It is HOT…..


Drinks Anyone ?

It is HOT….   18.00 hours in middle England and it is 29c.  That is hot for us and they say it is a record high.

Drinks anyone….Yes Please

29th June

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6 thoughts on “It is HOT…..

  1. I don’t want to press “like” …it is far too hot here as well. Same temperature. I am indoors all day, the dogs are dead and my husband horizontal.


    • I think you have had this hot spell for a few days longer and hotter… and humidity well that is the killer. They say it will be more normal tomorrow. We will see. (as a point of interest the image was taken last mid September in Seville with temperatures that day of 39.8c….the differences was that it was dry, no humidity)


      • Humidity is really the difference. The heat will go up to 32 tomorrow here, then drop 10 degrees the next day. I pray it will be true…Let’s see what you get tomorrow then.


  2. Watched the Yankees vs. Red Sox in London today. Temp was 87f (30c). Sixty thousand fans endured the heat for a game that lasted four hours, 42 minutes. It was about 12 degrees cooler in Boston and New York.


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