A Rose by any other name …..



Well I guess most of us have heard that quotation…. and  if there is one flower that typifies an English Garden then it is the Rose.  Colour and variety plus for many a fragrance which makes a Rose garden distinctive.


Our destination to view a spectacular display was the Walled Rose Garden at Hopton Hall. Now if you are a regular follower the name of Hopton Hall will ring a bell, a snowdrop bell…and if you missed it click this link:-


But here we are at the start of July and it is now Roses that are the star attraction.  The Rose Garden is located within a walled garden.  Sloping south on various terraces and topped with what is know as Crinkle – Crankle wall, cuved in order to capture the maximum amount of sun and warmth for those once exotic fruit that once graced the walls. So come on join us on a stroll amongst the Box Hedging and massed display of  Roses……

 If the Rose display was not enough for you…then enjoy the Herbaceous borders that surround the garden adding texture and a different colour palette.  And throughout the garden Topiary hedges and bushes give a depth and define your pathway…

 Before we leave the gardens of Hopton Hall lets pause by the lake, a peaceful haven


 Hopton Hall Gardens are only open on a very few days each year.  The Hall which dates back to 1414 is in private ownership. The new owners have breathed new life into this old estate, apart from the Gardens that were once badly neglected, the estate now offers holiday cottages in these idyllic surrounds.  If you are lucky enough to stay at Hopton you are in good company…previous visitors have been Oliver Cromwell, Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Caroline.

So for now its ‘goodbye’ till Snowdrop time once again 🙂

6th July

(C) David Oakes 2019

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