and the Summer moves on…


It is that time of the summer when wild areas around our woodlands, hedgerows and roadside verges start to sport a purple/pink  hue. Yes, its that time of the summer when Rosebay Willowherb makes a very visual presence in our countryside.

To many Rosebay is just a ‘weed’  but to me it is just one of our many ‘wild flowers’ and as beautiful as so many of our cultivated garden flowers. It is indeed ‘wild’ and can spread prolifically onto any disturbed ground.


Right now it is just the occasional flower head wide open and for bees and insects a very welcoming fleurette’s… soon these areas will be just a mass of these coloured flower spikes…. it is then you can recognise why some places call this plant ‘Fireweed’


Now…. what is that saying “A weed is just a flower in the wrong place”…. for me this is not a weed and it certainly is in the right place adding colour and for wildlife great value to the areas it chooses to inhabit.

11th July

(C) David Oakes 2019

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