Moody Monday….. A Dreich Day in the Torridons


Monday is rather moody after the storms that followed our heatwave.  I recall many similar days in the Torridons of the West Highlands of Scotland….. a lovely dramatic area, one I love so much, despite the ‘dreich’ weather.  Yes, there is a word used in Scotland to describe such a damp, dark miserable day, often stormy….. so on a moody Monday I guess its a fitting description – Dreich

29th July

(c) David Oakes 2019

3 thoughts on “Moody Monday….. A Dreich Day in the Torridons

  1. Love that area of the world and your capture of the sunlight on the high hills. “Dreich” actually sounds like what you have described – a drenching in the rain 🙂

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