Silent Sunday…. So off to Church


St. Michaels and All Angles Church, Kniveton, Derbyshire

It is always enjoyable and sometime revealing to explore the many Derbyshire villages we have close to us. Some 3 miles south east of the Market Town of Ashbourn is the tiny village of Kniveton. Founded I understand on the ancient estate of the Kniveton family.

Like most of the Derbyshire villages the centre piece is the Church, never that big but all sporting a rectangular Bell Tower some like here at St. Michaels have the addition of a small Spire.  I am also told that St. Michaels is also the oldest of the buildings in the village and dates back to the 12 century.  Its religious and architectural heritage is recognised by the its important Historic Grade 1 Listed Building status….and rightly so, it may be a small and very simple church in its construction but also a very intimate and beautiful centre piece for village life.

The Bell Tower sports a number of Gargoyles now showing their age and wooden stave slats allow the sound of the Church Bells, one dating to 1665 to echo round the village.  Not sure how old the main Stained Glass windows are but I feel that there style and colours indicate a great many centuries.  The Church yard and its gravestones can also tell many stories of Kniveton families over the centuries and of course no Church yard would be complete without the traditional Yew Tree.



Like so many of our Derbyshire village Churches, each is different and each worthy of exploration.

28th July

(C) David Oakes 2019


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