The not so ‘Cool of the Evening’…..


August, Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

August Bank Holiday weekend has been exceptionally hot….well hot for the UK that is.  A high in our part of middle England of 29c.  So discretion was the best solution for our walkies with Buster,  we waited till the cool of the evening.  Destination was Stanton Moor where we guessed that there would be a cooling breeze to help lower the temperatures.

There was also another motive.  We wanted to see the moors in there purple Heather carpet.  Sadly this year we have arrived just a little late…the heather was past it best.  Maybe the alternations between hot spells and then the heavy rains have helped to provide a shorter Heather season than usual.  Even so there were some patches of bluey purple but the pungent honey wax aroma, so loved by the Bees had vanished….


The bonus was that we enjoyed a wonderful end of day glow…all in all not a bad evening to be out and about


26th August

(C) David Oakes 2019

4 thoughts on “The not so ‘Cool of the Evening’…..

    • Same here…. but the moors did give us a light breeze which made the walk all the better for it. But back home just so hot. Our house is very well insulated, great for retaining heat in the winter but once it gets hot in the summer it doesn’t cool down. But it is the humidity that I find the killer on top of the heat. Dry heat I can manage but add humidity and it is tough work 🙂

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