They tell us that its the end of Summer….


They may be right….. Today is the last day of August, a very mixed month of weather extremes.  Tomorrow is the official start of the meteorological Autumn, as they, in their wisdom, divide the year into 4 parts.  Sadly there are a few signs that autumn is on the way….. even so I will wait till October before declaring that start of Autumn.


31st August

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8 thoughts on “They tell us that its the end of Summer….

  1. “meteorological Autumn”… Well, I learned something new today! Thank you David. Hopefully relief is on the way as I am struggling with cabin fever (in summer!) as well as the electric bill.


  2. I tend to think of Autumn as roughly August – October (with the equinox as a mid point). It’s a warm but over-ripe season, and it’s full impact is seen in its second half…
    November, with its dark nights, co,dear temperatures and how,big winds, definitely marks the start of winter (mid-winter being December 21st of course).
    Then again, the Chinese traditionally counted “late-summer” as its own fifth season, which also makes some sense!

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    • For me Autumn starts sometime in September and finishes sometime in November. I determine it as the trees turn and then eventually are bare. Nature determines it in her own time…some starts earlier sometimes finishes later….one never knows. Though in more recent years autumn does seem to start a little later and last a good deal longer. That ain’t bad as it shortens winter 🙂

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