You could say ….. Changeable

Leaf on Glass

Leaf on the rain splashed window

One minute the rain is relentlessly beating against the windows… then in the blink of an eye a large chunk of blue sky appears and the sun comes out of hiding.  October weather has always been noted for being somewhat ‘changeable’ mainly encouraged by strong winds, moving the clouds at great pace whilst lifting the falling leaves…. but overall it has so far been rather wet.

As for the autumnal colour…well that has yet to show in our part of middle England. When that elusive sunshine’s and the temperature rises it is rather pleasant and still very green.  The Oak tree is still carrying a mass of lush green leaves and of course many acorns, yet to ripen and fall.


Autumn will arrive when it deems it to be right, indeed there are some small signs that those magical colours will soon appear. The Bracken has turned turned, probably due to being so dry during September and the Ferns are loosing their intensity.  Green though is still the dominant colour with just the occasional tinge of gold to warn or alert  us of what is to come…

I have also been told that this autumn has the making of a good display of Fungi

Well these make a good start to the season…


12th October

(C) David Oakes 2019

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