Is this really November…. I guess so


Days that get dark ever so quickly, days that when it is not raining it is rather damp, days when you wake to mist and fog….. yes it is November.  Autumn was again late arriving but unlike last year it is vanishing fast….fast even though we haven’t as yet had a frost.

It has though left us with a legacy of Fungi and fallen leaves….

The compensation is that the fallen leaves do add a splash of colour to a dull day


7th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

9 thoughts on “Is this really November…. I guess so

  1. Yeah! This I can recognize! Definitely November – and very soon a real ‘white-out’?!
    We had 8-10 degrees C below zero this morning! Even the new gigantic wind mills are standing absolute still!


    • Heavy rains today which seems to be doing the same as the frost would do. Many Oak trees keep there leaves over winter….but apart from them it is just a few Beech and a lot of the Sycamore that have still do drop. In fact this autumn its the Sycamore and its family that have provided most of this seasons colour. As for frost…would rather have it than all this rain


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