The Leaves Fall down…..


Autumn came late and has now all but gone.  We have enjoyed some of the exiting autumnal colours across the woodlands but not as rich or as full as in a normal year.  Early morning and just a little sunshine and everything sparkles…


Leaves are falling fast, but they still create some real hot spots of colour, some even seem to radiate light….even in the darkest parts of the woods. Soon the trees will just be skeletons creating a new woodland world…

Sycamore - Copy

Rain has been the key feature of recent days, heavy rain bringing floods, with it for many devastating destruction…. there has been a brief respite and water levels are falling leaving a temporary water meadow scene .


More heavy rain is due and with the River Derwent still running high and fast it does not bode well for those struggling to cope with last weekends destruction


14th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

4 thoughts on “The Leaves Fall down…..

  1. Lovely photos. I especially like the illuminated sycamore leaf. Autumn was very late here too in North Wales. It came and went within a few days and was surprisingly bland to previous years. My photos needed a lot of editing this year to bring out some colour.

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