Goodbye November…… But it finishes with a flourish


A Golden Carpet in Shipley Woods, Derbyshire

November… a month of very very heavy rains and floods is nearly over. It did though have a rather pleasant farewell for us.  We woke to near clear blue skies and sunshine to warm the soul. Too good a morning not to enjoy the woods.  Last night we also had our first frost, not a heavy, but enough to bring down the last of the Beech leaves that had been hanging on defiantly ignoring the approach of winter.

The next magical phenomena of our woodlands was now unveiled….   majestic skeletons of twist thrusting branches, easy to visualise and imagine even more magical shapes from Tolkien’s writings.



It may well be the end of November with winter knocking at the door, but the benefit of all the months rains and the relatively mild weather, has meant that the countryside has managed to retain it is lush green look.  Now even more noticeable as the trees and hedgerows are bare and brown…still a green and pleasant land…


Warm as the sun appeared there were no takers for the bench..


Even though it would have been nice to pause and taking in the view..


November will soon disappear but thankfully the weather gods relented and gave us an autumn treat on which to end the month..

30th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

It came … and it went


It came …. and it went.  No not just the jet plane but the sunshine.

This Friday started dull and un-promising, then from literally ‘out of the blue’ came a clear sky and some fantastic sunshine.  We enjoyed about 10 minutes of autumnal sunshine, then just as quickly as it arrived, it disappeared over the horizon.

Its brief visit did light up the Oak trees in and around our woodland.  The Oak , as is there way hang onto the now dry leaves. Leaves that as soon as there is any sunshine suddenly glow golden brown.

Elsewhere the wind and rains, plus one very brief frost, have ensured that the majority of trees have now lost there leaves, now just swaying skeletons….


As to the weather….  the sun has tried to brighten up the day but the cloud, a forerunner to the rain that is to come, has been winning out.

Just think in one months time we will just have past the Winter Solstice… Time does pass so quickly.

22nd November

(C) David Oakes 2019

It might be the last of the Autumn….


Early sun…and more than a few folk out enjoying a breath of fresh autumnal air, with their dogs, for a morning walkies.  Shadows are both dark and long but once one is in the open that autumnal sun is stark and bright.

Many trees have now lost the leaves and with them the colours of autumn.  Thankfully the Oak is making up for them with bold splashes of gold and brown, they will loose their leaves slowly over the months ahead, some hanging on till spring arrives and the new buds push the old leaves off the branches.


The adjacent River Derwent that has been in flood, causing much stress over the past few weeks, has now dropped back just a little.  It is still running high, fast and rather murky so yesterdays and today sun giving a dry spell much welcomed by those in the flooded areas.


11th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

An Improvement in the Weather….well being honest, just a small improvement


Friday and the weather made a small change….it didn’t rain all day.  But when it did it was heavy.  Then the sun would make a break for it when the clouds were at there thinnest. It was always short lived.  Sometimes it was pouring down and sun shining all at the same time and, like early this morning, that sun was casting a strange glow over the lake.

Whilst much if not most of the autumn leaves have fallen there are spots that even on a dull day, and one like today wet, still hold a colourful attraction…


Even the bracken, now brown and brittle adds a spot of colour to a dark corner


I guess we can say that autumn has now past, short lived this year, but it has still taken us thru to mid November.  Sadly that now takes us in to the darker damp days of November.   So being positive…. winter will be here soon and maybe some real frosts.


Maybe winter will be short lived

16th November

(C) David Oakes 2019