I guess that the Folklore about sunrise is true.


Red Sky in the Morning – Shepherds Warning

The sky was rather striking this morning, the air was still and the blue from the night sky lingered on.

But that was the best part of the day…. within a few hours the mist was down, hugging the woodlands trees, hiding a sun that struggled but failed to break thru.


Even without the sun, it was still a good day to be out and about

6th December

(C) David Oakes 2019

12 thoughts on “I guess that the Folklore about sunrise is true.

  1. That may be a saying, but – I really wouldn’t know? Most of our sunups during winter are pretty red, but the rest of the day may be pretty clear – but cold. Today we seem to be back to ‘normal’ with plus/minus 1 C, but what’s normal and what’s not is kind of hard to tell these days?!


    • But is fun hearing all the old stories that generations of countryfolk believed in. Today we have bounced back from 1c yesterday, 5c last night and this morning 12c and rising. A daft old weather world we live in these days. Oh! and it is also raining again 🙂


  2. Beautiful dear David, reading and watching, the photographs fascinated me, as always. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia


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