There is a Blue Sky up there …. somewhere !


The Old Furlong Oak

As the sun rose this morning down came the fog…well it was a mist at first then became much thicker. If you looked straight up you could see blue sky but look to the horizon and it was lost to view.

What a change from yesterday… a very different feel as you can see…

Despite the foggy conditions it was still a great morning to be out.  Interesting to see familiar locations looking very different as the fog swirled around, the low winter sun casting its shadows…


It was a constantly change scene, the fog first lifting and then thickening again… but that blue sky was still up there…




December…but very much a November weather day

5th December

(C) David Oakes 2019

12 thoughts on “There is a Blue Sky up there …. somewhere !

  1. A fantastic shot of the sun behind the fog. Yesterday I happened to get a similar chance, but being on an open road with traffic and with no place to stop, it became impossible to shoot a frame! 30 seconds later the chance was all gone! 🙂


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