First and Last…..


Bressay Lighthouse, Bressay Island, Shetlands

We sailed up to Lerwick via Bressay Sound.  Bressay Island one side and Mainland Shetland on the other.  It was our first visit to the Shetland Isles and sadly only a brief visit. It came at the end of over 2 weeks cruising Northern Norway and the Lofoten Islands. The weather had been unbelievably fantastic and the scenery just terrific….so we approached Lerwick with some uncertainty, would it be an anti climax.

Well the scenery is of course very very different but in no way does it play second fiddle to what had gone before.

There was just so much to see on the whole trip, and as Christmas approaches, I am still wading my way through all the images….sometime soon I may be able to post a ‘Postcard’ of the trip.

Just to make sure we understood that the trip was coming to an end, the weather changed as we left the shelter of Bressay.

As for Bressay Lighthouse it was both our first and the last view of the Shetlands… well last for the time being – we will be back.

23rd December

(C) David Oakes 2019


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