Winter Solstice…… Spirits in the Heavens


The Winter Solstice has arrived.  Another year of changing seasons comes to an end. From today the days will be come longer and nights shorter….all be it gradual.  This year the Solstice is on the 22nd as part of its 4 year cycle.

But for many, over many millennia, the solstice has, and still does, hold both a magical and spiritual significance indeed a reverence for the ” Spirits in the Heavens “

Having experienced the Northern Lights earlier this year I tend to feel that I cannot just dismiss them as solar dust…they feel much more like moving spirits…well they certainly made an emotional impression on me

22nd December

(C) David Oakes 2019

4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice…… Spirits in the Heavens

  1. *Dust’, no actually it isn’t! The Northern Light is a product of something you might call a ‘cosmic war’ when deadly cosmic rays from the sun hit our planet with a force that would most likely have killed us all in minutes if it ha not been for our magnetic schield generated by the Earth’s rotation around a liquid core.


    • You are as always right…. ” particles, mainly electrons and protons” following disturbance on the sun. But dust is perhaps the most easily understood description.. Despite all the scientific explanations, to me they still do feel very much alive and like spirits in the skies. Look carefully at the image and you will see a shooting star. What I failed to capture were the occasional meteorite bursting exploding creating its own firework display


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