First Weekend of 2020 ….. and Spring is arriving!


A watchful Heron seeking some warmth from the early morning sunshine

This first weekend of the New Year has been one of mixed fortunes weather wise.  Our walk through the woods and by the lakeside have brought to us a few surprises.  Surprises in the shape of ‘signs of Spring’.

Bulbs are breaking cover from beneath autumns leaves.  Elsewhere flower buds are forming on shrubs and the Jasmine adds a little highlight of yellow to the more mellow winter colours…


It all seems a little early, after all we haven’t had winter yet. The forward forecast is for heavy rains and gales with just a slight suggestion that we may get frosts and a sprinkle of snow round the turn of the month.  Thankfully the river level continues to drop which is good news should the worst of the forecast be realised…that rain needs an escape route.



 6th January

(C) David Oakes 2020

7 thoughts on “First Weekend of 2020 ….. and Spring is arriving!

    • Not sure what we will get…our forecast seems haphazard this past few months….but I have said in past years that autumn and then winter seem to start about 3 weeks later…so we may well get winter yet. Though last year it was cold but only one day of snow and little frost.

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