Is this Winter ?…….


Darley Abbey, Derby, Derbyshire

Is this Winter? ….Well its the 30th January so I guess it is. But it has been a strange winter so far.  It does seem to have rained since October, the wettest autumn and winter (so far) on record. We have had some sunny spells but again these seem mainly to have been limited to mornings…by lunch time or at the best early afternoon, and its raining again.

Best not to complain, after all there is nothing we can do to change the weather. On the plus side when the sun does grace us with its presence the days are rather good. In fact those days, just like yesterday are perhaps more autumnal in feel and  the low penetrating light…a light that is rather warm.

Yes… apart from the Snowdrops that are stating to flower, you could well be mistaken in thinking this is autumn…


30th January

(C) David Oakes 2020


8 thoughts on “Is this Winter ?…….

  1. Certainly seems to be more Autumn than Winter. Some of the tete-a-tetes daffs, primroses, and a hellebore are out in the garden but the snowdrops seem to be reluctant. I wonder whether it hasn’t been cold enough for them.

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    • Snowdrops just getting going, as for the other spring bulbs whilst there is some green now appearing they seem a long way off flowering. Winter Pansies are doing fine but the Primula struggling. As for the Hellebore they are the current stars . All in all an odd mix 🙂

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