The weather is near perfect for Spring ….. and we cannot take full advantage of it


An empty bench surround by daffodils in our local Park rather says it all.  Stay at home is the message with the comment that we should, if we can, get some exercise in the fresh air, but keep your distance.  So Buster and I headed off this morning for a leg stretching walk. It wasn’t as early as yesterday starts so I did expect to see some folk out and about.

There were in fact very few….. but all taking the precaution of keeping a that very important good distance from each other – a sociable wave and shouted greeting was given and welcomed by all.

Even so there were times when I did think we were the only ones about, the riverside path to town was deserted as was the main drive down into the park…  little traffic noise only bird song.

It is of course the right action to take in the current unsettling times. Sadly at a time when we were just poised to take advantage of some good Spring weather, after what has been a dreadfully wet winter.  Much of the new spring growth will pass us bye….

As I was walking alongside the River Derwent,  now flowing at a leisurely pace,  I was reminded that many folk will still be battling the aftermath of floods.  Repair, rebuilding and maybe living in temporary accommodation…. and now having to tackle another real challenge, that of self isolation. A very traumatic situation now made significantly worse.

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other  

23rd March

(C) David Oakes 2020

15 thoughts on “The weather is near perfect for Spring ….. and we cannot take full advantage of it

  1. As long as you’re keeping your distance to others, why don’t you enjoy it?
    In Norway we have a ‘safe zone’ requirement of 1 meter, but most people have got it and keep 20 feet or more away from others.


    1. Our prescribed safe distance is 2 meters…. I think folk have at longlast realized the serious situation we are now in. So on our exercise walk everyone seems to be keeping more than the 2 meters…. Lots of friendly greetings to those we pass to keep up our spirits 😊


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