Strange feeling of isolation….


The new and much expected Government Restricts were announced last night. Going to be tough…. but for the time being I am lucky and allowed out for one period of exercise each day.  Its a solitary walk for Buster and me.  But usually we do see folk out and about, running, cycling, walking and of course many with their dogs…. I am not saying it was a social event, but the occasional smile and greeting and even a brief chat was all part of the fun.

Not today,  the Park was like the Mary Celest, abandoned, empty, only bird song for company.

Allestree Hall which for years has been abandoned by the Council was looking forward to a big and expensive restoration and conversion programme by a company in the Hospitality Industry.  It was due to start this September…. I wonder if that will now go ahead.

With not a soul insight it looked even more desolate than usual…

 Spring is unaware of the current CV-19 threat so spring continues to make its cheerful colourful progress

Warm colours do not seem to have reached the Lake, it still has a cold wintery look..


All too soon the morning walk was over and it was back to the isolation of home.  At the moment a daily walk is a bonus, thankfully the warm spring sun is helping…not sure I will feel as positive when and if the wet weather returns.

P.S.   Doesn’t seem like it but tomorrow it will be 3 months since Christmas.  A lot has happened since then.

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other


24th March

(C) David Oakes 2020

15 thoughts on “Strange feeling of isolation….

  1. Christmas seems a year ago – perhaps more. I’m glad you and Buster have such a beautiful walk and echo your blessing back to you. Spring always seems like a marvel and even more so this year.


      1. Me too, David. I’ve been in self-isolation a week now, seems like months…Thank goodness for FaceTime and Zoom, through which I get my daily company….


  2. So grateful for the dog walks here as well. The occasional other person in the forest, otherwise just me and the dogs. Birds are singing, sun is shining. Let’s hope the grey weather does not return for a while. Stay safe and take care of each other.

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  3. Hi David. It’s a wonderful walk you have with Buster. Stunning surroundings.Sure it is a strange time. Like being part of a film where someone forgot to write the end. The most importing thing is to cope with that bloody virus. Under no circumstances should we underestimate that horrible threat.
    All the best to you and yours!!!


    1. Typical Council neglect…lots of kite fly proposals but no action. Then just as the Council gets its act together after many months of deliberating and finally coming to an agreement with a “suitable” Company this happens. We will see what happens when the crisis is over. Sad it is a listed building and the Council have just not fulfilled their responsibilities over the years.

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