All Alone…….


Buster wants to know where all his Friends have gone…..

It is strange times…. Buster and I are lucky, we do have somewhere very special to take our daily exercise.  Social Distancing is one thing but walking through our park and woodlands is now a very lonely thing… it takes some getting used to.

Lakeside does attract more folk. But move away and head up the meadow to the venerable Furlong Oak and on up into the woods, its a different atmosphere….. its as if the world has stopped.


Bluebells continue to give extra pleasure to the mornings walk.  They may not be as expansive as those in the image posted early this morning (that was last year – the location is a tad too far for the current travel restrictions) none the less these smaller displays are just as attractive.

It is getting darker in the woodland, the leaf cover is getting thicker each day.

I know we have to stay at home.  I also know that we are allowed out for exercise.  So it does seem strange that here we have so much space and yet so few folk take advantage of the opportunity.

At least this cyclist was enjoying the space and fresh air….like me he was quietly taking the time to listen to the multitude of Bird Song in this otherwise quiet world


Please Remember ….
Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

20th April

(C) David Oakes 2020

5 thoughts on “All Alone…….

  1. We like you have plenty of space and like you have dogs but we are the same at certain times- tends to be earlier it is busy in a small town sense but as most drive to walk having stopped it is a lot quiter I go out around 5pm which ensures total solitude especially my new haunt of the old liney between Lossiemouth and Elgin which is perfect to wander with your mind elsewhere

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    1. I keep saying that we are so lucky to have such open spaces to walk (sorry exercise). There is though here a degree of confusion. The Government stated at the weekend that driving to a place to take exercise was permitted (they did rather muddy the water by suggesting that any journey to a place of exercise should not be greater than time spent exercising – a wide open statement). Locally though it is all academic, as we have in Derbyshire Police a very vigilant Police Force….. you may have seen drone footage of walkers in the Peak District. Totally invasive and totally misleading, they were locals taking the route they take everyday. They have also advised Derby City Council to close the Park Car Parks yet say driving to take exercise is OK…… result folk just park on roads. Luckily I can leave the car on drive but after 4 weeks wouldn’t mind a little change of scene…..Still we press on. Stay safe and well 🙂

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