Dull getting Darker…. Cold and very Windy. What a change


Overnight, as promised by the Met Office our weather changed. Yesterday it was shorts and T-shirt and searching for shade. Today its several layers and the winter fleece as essential clothing for this cold ‘snap’…well we hope it is only a snap.

So Sunday is far from a sun– day.  It started dull, got duller and now you have to say dark. Not only that… its cold.  The thermometer is at 6c but we also have a strong Arctic wind so wind-chill is a factor.

So on todays walk I have still tried to bring you some hints of spring brightness.  I guess it is a matter of contrast.  In todays dull weather the spring greens on the Beech (as on the one above) do appear to emit light.

I also spotted this bracket fungi in the shade.  I must have walked past this sulphur yellow fungi several times during the week and not been aware of it…


The winds though are not just a cutting cold but strong enough for damage.  A friend of mine used to describe winds at this time of the year as “God’s Pruners”….. just like a keen gardener, these winds find the weak leaves and branches and remove them.  The woodland floor is littered with the product of its labours….    seems a shame but there has to be a purpose behind it all.


The only other real colour I could find to brighten the days walk was this Rhododendron with Cow parsley intertwined…


So there we have it.  A very dull day after, what we had hoped, was the start of spring. Yep, the day just got darker…. I guess on such a day there is no need to tell folk to ‘Stay at Home’ in lockdown….. no one about.


Post Script

I was reminded of a fellow Dog Walker who also enjoyed this little piece of Derbyshire.  He past away last year at the age of 93.  He was known to a great many in the Park, we all called him the Colonel –  few knew his full name.  We all agreed he was a real gentleman. 

At the end of last year a seat was installed in memory of the Colonel.  It is though the message on the plaque that seem very relevant in todays world… it is a message he often expressed…..  appropriate I think.

www_1030360qqq I  think Colonel Hind would have endorsed my message of

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

10th May

(C) David Oakes 2020


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