Freedom….. Of Sorts


Lockdown is being eased!   Not soon enough for some. Far too soon for others.  The “Stay at Home” message has been ditched for a rather older message similar to one used in WWII ….. ” Stay Alert”.  Then it was a message to “Be Alert” for spies and maybe folk planning espionage in the community.

From tomorrow we have more freedom.  I can now go out and exercise for as long as I like, just keep your distance. I can meet one member of my family in the Park, they can also meet us in our garden, one at a time and again just keep their distance…. no family hugs.

Not only that, IF the sunshine’s I can sunbath in the Park.  So best dig out the Factor 15 sun lotion and the funny hat.

But best of all, from tomorrow…  I can sit on one of these benches without breaking the law, just don’t sit next to me otherwise we are both in trouble!

There are of course other aspects of the restrictions being lifted, but many still seem both contentious, discouraged and even unwelcome by many.

Being positive, Buster and I can walk ,with out the need to start the stop watch. We may even take a breather on a bench…. planning a longer walk I can also take a Flask with me.

The big plus is that there will be more time to listen to the birds and their spring songs.   But as always…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other 

12th May

(C) David Oakes 2020


7 thoughts on “Freedom….. Of Sorts

    1. Totally agree….. I would love to drive up into the Peak District for a walk on the moors…. but not sure that is the right thing to do. You have to respect the safety of others who live there. I don’t think I am being over cautious just careful 🙂

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  1. I can see the need to ease off but I was hoping they would drive the infection rate much, much lower before taking these sort of risks. The pictures of people getting off crowded London buses make my heart sink. In the first few weeks of the daily briefings all the journalists seemed to do was to ask the same question over and over – ‘when are the restrictions going to ease?’ and that can only make it more difficult for anyone in power to hold their nerve.

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    1. Death rate and infection rate up again today….so I reckon that confirms the need for continued caution. The Press, rather than TV Media have a good deal to answer for in generating hype…. but Solid Politicians should be sound enough to do the right thing rather than respond to the Press giants agendas 🙂


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