Another Day when the sun came and went……


River Derwent, Derby

The Derwent is running  all smooth and calm, only a distant Duke breaking the surface.  Mid May and the trees are all lush green, extra bright in one of the sunshine breaks.  Hard to think back to the beginning of March.   Where I am standing I would have been under water with flood waters rushing past.    So  very tranquil today.

It is here in Derby that the River runs through Darley Park, a Park that tucks itself into the northern edge of the City.  So it is no surprise that it has been a popular place for that Lockdown Exercise.  Since Boris made his grand ‘easing’ statement last week, those numbers have dramatically increased.  Thankfully it is only a small minority who act with no thought or care for social distancing or for other folk.

This morning the Park was busy (ish) but large areas were people free.


Plenty of space to relax and enjoy the May sunshine….. and they do recommend Vitamin D for the immune system – here you can get it for free.


May growth is very lush, perhaps all the winter rains, followed by this springs extra dose of sunshine and warmth, have produced  this rich green May.  A May that I cannot recall having been so full and varied in spring growth.  Growth both wild and cultivated.

Bold bright colours in the Herbaceous garden, Poppies and Iris the first blousy blooms….

In the meadows and hedgerows the very humble Daisy and Dog Rose,.  Simple, yet  they  add a joy to any days walk…..

As for the weather report.  Well we did get Sun, we did get cloud and it was also humid and warm.  Rain is threatened for tomorrow..  Daft as it may seem, we could do with some (not too much though).

So best make the most of the rest of the day absorbing  some more Vitamin D..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

18th May

(C) David Oakes 2020