Hot again….. Great for a stroll in the Park


Darley Park, Derby

They say it isn’t going to be as hot today……  well this morning it still felt rather warm.  We chose the wider open spaces to stretch our legs , also trying to avoid too many other folk……  plenty of space for all.

In the hedgerows, under trees and along the river bank there are drifts of Cow Parsley.  Look closely,  it is a fabulous delicate wild flower.



Of course many call it a weed.  So it is both interesting and heartening  to see that some in the gardening world have seen the light and welcoming it into their gardens.  Country gardens and the now fashionable wild meadow gardens are now favouring this weed…..even TV’s Monty Don was showing off his display of Cow Parsley.

There is, adjacent to the Park a house with a great Rose display… fact they cover the house from ground to roof, a spectacular and early Rose display….



This morning the Park is very quiet,  plenty of space to sit and enjoy the spring, or is it a summer day. Buster might be seeking the shade but I guess I might just rest awhile on a bench in the sun….

But not all is sweetness and light.   I guess yesterday had been busy in the Park.  Cannot blame folk for wanting to get out and enjoy the space and fresh air.  Sadly we couldn’t help but notice that so much litter had just been abandoned, dropped and left for someone else to collect.   What is even more galling is that there appears to be an art in piling it onto over full rubbish bins… not their problem.

If folk can carry it in…then carry it out.   The message has been for weeks now ‘To Stay at Home”….   perhaps it should now be ‘Take it Home’

But to finish on a more fragrant note….  Just another Rhododendron


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

21sy May

(C) David Oakes 2020


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  1. Or perhaps your municipality ought to double the capacity by putting out two such containers now that people have been cooped up for quite some time?


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