A Busy Bee…….


The first of our cultivated Poppies burst out from its shell this morning.  Shortly after the sun had started to warm everything up, along came the Bees. They kept busy for quite sometime, burying themselves in the black centre of stamens, lost to the outside world…

The delicate paper thin petals never last for long,  nor are they as prolific as our wild visitors……  none the less they are nice whilst they are here.

The morning was warm from the start today, a morning haze over the lake…


The prediction was that it was going to get hot,  very hot…. 27c which is hot for us in our corner of the World.   In the Lilly pond the water level is very low…. who would have thought that would be a problem after the floods earlier in the year…. and the first of the Lilies has appeared….


I had to stop and take a close look at this Iris (don’t know the variety), it was the tiny ant like insect that caught my eye.  Can you spot it?  If you know the name let me know.


A quick walk through the woods and meadows and back to the Lake where the that morning haze had finally burnt away…..


So a slow wander home and a lazy day in the garden was the answer….  rather nice to do nothing for a change.

The forecast is good for the week.  We have though, had disappointments, so we wait to see what actually comes our way.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

26th May

(C) David Oakes 2020