A Morning along the riverside…..


Hang on Dad….I’m coming

( trouble with Dad is that he doesn’t know I am not ready for the Tour de France yet!)

Just one of the sights that caught my attention on this mornings ‘exercise’  …. until ‘lockdown’ Buster and I used to call it walkies!   No matter what its called it was certainly another rather grand day of blue skies and sunshine, even though it was a trifle hot.

But shadows and a cooling breeze along the river made it all rather acceptable.



The Local Pub, The Abbey, is closed…..  not because of CV19, but has been closed for some time now.


Once it was a key location in the village.  The Brewery had found a new tenant, but they pulled out just before lockdown appeared on the horizon…..  maybe that was a stroke of luck, no point in managing a new pub with no customers.

Another old building can be found by Folly Bridge.  They suggest the building was once a  small Mill.


It stands by a small tributary of the Derwent so it may well have been.  But why the name Folly Bridge?….. I don’t know.  I will dig deeper.

Now that lockdown rules have been eased a little, it is nice to see that the tennis courts are again being put to good use.


What is really nice is that instead of keen adult tennis players hammering away at each other, it is family groups, mum/dad and the kids…. so I guess that is one benefit that has come out of this situation.

I have said before that we are so lucky living here.  Despite lockdown restrictions we have been able to get out for exercise every day.  Two great and varied local parks to wander in.  We have also been able to participate in the change from winter to spring and now into summer.  Apart from the River, Meadows, Woodland and Open Vistas, there is so much variety to add flavour to the daily walks including gems from our industrial past….somehow nothing seems to becoming too familiar and repetitive ….

But when it get just a little too hot, the cool of the woodland beckons…


Nice as it is to be out.  Indeed more folk are now out, understandably taking advantage of a little more freedom and of course the glorious weather, we still need to take care.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

28th May

(C) David Oakes 2020

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