Hot, very…… But a weather change is on the way


It is hot today, there is a high level haze in the sky and it feels humid.

Only a short slow walk this morning as Buster was not enjoying the heat.  I guess he wishes he could take off his fur coat.   Mind you I am not complaining, no point in rushing in this weather.


So it was a gentle  very lazy walk round the Lake.  The lakeside vegetation is lush, all sorts of wild plants fighting for air space, as they stretch out and upwards. It is also alive with insects, I really do need to learn more about identifying the different species.

The Flag Iris are usually head and shoulders above all else.  Not this year, like all the other waterside plants they are fighting for space, often swamped, even by their own foliage.



It also looks as if we will get a bumper crop of wild Blackberries, the bushes are awash with their white and yellow flowers.


There was a light breeze over the water which was welcome.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  A change that will drop the temperature from 25c to 12c overnight….even the chance of some rain.  Rain, who would have thought that just a few weeks ago we were praying for the rain to stop, now looking forward to  a little of the wet stuff….  but not too much please. 🙂

A last look at the tranquil summer peace over the Lake ….  then we can head for home.


One thing we cannot control is the weather….but we can all take care of tomorrow.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

2nd June

(C) David Oakes 2020

6 thoughts on “Hot, very…… But a weather change is on the way

  1. Too hot for me, I’m looking forward to a drop in temperature… oh, and I’ve learnt something…Flag Iris…are they usually found near water? I saw some by a pond the other day


    1. Yellow Flag Iris are a water edge plant and also found in wet marshland. Being yellow they do attract lots of insects. Sadly the flower heads don’t last long in hot weather. Cooler today….even got my long trousers back on – feels strange 🙂

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