Dog Days…….. Well Daisies Really


The Dog Daisies in the wildflower meadow are flourishing.  So as the day started to brighten at last, an evening stroll was needed. I did think the time would be just about right to spy some insects amongst the Daisies.   Not much luck on that score, I think they had head for bed early.  But we did catch one short burst of late sunshine.

Few insects but still nice to see so many Dog Daisies.  Ragged Robin is starting to make its mark, but the rich growth from the Daisies has rather swamped the Clovers.

After a rather dull day (again) I feel rather more pleased with my little lot having been able to enjoy a leisurely potter to end the day.

Not sure that tomorrows forecast is any better, so heigh-ho here we go…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th June

(C) David Oakes 2020

7 thoughts on “Dog Days…….. Well Daisies Really

  1. Is there a happier flower than a simple daisy? I especially love your first shot. Were you lying prone among them? I still do that too, though it takes me a lot longer to regain my feet when I do. I stand (literally) in awe of younger folks who can still stand after lying down without the use of their arms (bummer)!


    • I know that feeling only too well. I didn’t prostrate myself as I would have had to flatten some of the flowers. As it was I had to pick my way with care. Lets say it was a lucky shot….. lower the camera, point in what you hope is the right direction and then press the button. Lying down not something I do apart from a sun lounger and bed…. even then its tough getting back onto my two feet. (and I think I am reasonably fit) 🙂


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