Not Forgotten……


3 years ago today we lost Carla our fantastic Black Labrador.  Despite all that has happen since then, we still miss her. As we move round the house and garden we seem to instinctively walk round her.  In the kitchen, as we work away preparing meals, you still sense that  warm Black shadow, that gentle pant of expectation that something might just drop of the the preparation table.  Always anxious to join us on our explorations and always providing a warm welcome to everyone.

12 July 2020

(C) David Oakes 2020

8 thoughts on “Not Forgotten……

  1. I love that you still “instinctively walk around her.” The last two of our 40-plus-year history of doggy family members always chose the busiest intersections in the house–usually the most-used entrance to the kitchen–to hunker down, sprawl out, and watch us navigate around them. And, yes, their spirits survive.


    • Carla always knew the best place to locate…. 1. For any food that might come her way. 2. To make sure she could keep an eye open on all the cominga and goings. Even asleep she had one eye open and both ears finely tuned. 😃


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