Before…. Now and Later – Also a strange day!


The Nine Ladies Stone Circle on Stanton Moor…  OK not as big as Stone Henge but for me just as magical… a place of solitude with a spiritual feel.  But not today.  People everywhere, so no picture of the Stones today.

As followers of old will recall, Stanton Moor is one on our favourite places.  The Moor may not be the largest in Derbyshire but is distinctly different.  True, you get great expansive views over Derbyshire, mainly the White Peak but also glimpses of the Dark Peak in the far distance.  You do get a feeling of being on top of the world.  Stanton Moor is though different is so much as it is surrounded by trees, trees on the lower slopes but also surrounding the Nine Ladies.  To be fair, apart from the campers and hordes at the Nine Ladies, most of the moors were deserted……  just as I like them.


Even on a day like today you get a cooling breeze on the top but head to the Birch woods and you find the shelter with the sun dappling through the leaves..



So that was today….   But in one months time the Moor will look very different.  That brown heather will turn to Purple with a distinctive and powerful Bee attracting scent. One more reason why Stanton Moor acts like a magnet…   when it is much more like this August view from last year…


Stanton Moor is also only a 40 minute drive from home….an easy to get to location, a complete change of scene. But we haven’t visited since the beginning of February.  This strange world we now live-in, had made this trip impossible.  Even when restrictions were eased, locals  were not encouraging  visitors to their ‘safe’ location.  We respected that.  There have been more easing of travel restriction so off we went.

It really did feel strange, only 40 minutes away, but you felt as if you were starting on a venture of exploration to a far off land.  Nor did I feel very comfortable heading for the moors. Maybe that was because my normally solid confidence, has been dent by becoming all too familiar with the surroundings immediately round home.  It was indeed a shock to see so many people at the Stone Circle, not all acting with respect…. just hope they leave it neat and tidy.  

It was a strange feeling, hard to explain, maybe best summed up by saying that once we were home again, I felt as if I had been very brave! Daft I know.

Now we wait for the Heather…and then that will be really something worth venturing to Stanton for…..


As always…….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

17th July

(C) David Oakes 2020

9 thoughts on “Before…. Now and Later – Also a strange day!

    1. Yes it was….. illegal camping, climbing all over the stones and more folk than I have ever seen there. I am told that at the summer solstice it was chaos. They had to have a major clear up. It is not the numbers it is the way they behave. Same as our parks…it is as if cv19 has effected the brains let’s leave litter.

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    1. By all accounts they certainly had there work cut out. But some damage remains, firepits and stone hearths amongst other nasties….. fires located in what must have been hazardous fire risk locations. Some folk may have brains, but they don’t switch them on. Whilst, what one might call anti social behaviour, happened prior to lockdown, it has got so much worse….. take a drink, take some food then just throw what you don’t want away. Sad


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