Grand Architecture…….


Jens Bang’s House, Aalborg, Denmark

Early morning sunshine in Aalborg shows off the detail of this rather fabulous house.  Detailed brickwork, high gables and a cupola entrance above a stairway add to the fascination created by the architect.   It is know as Jens Bang’s  House and overlooks Nytorv Square.  Built in 1624 it has stood the test of time…… I do wonder if the designers, builders and owners ever dreamt that it would remain standing in 2020.

The building is also home to a Pharmacy,  which has shared the building for over 300 years, ( Swaneapotek (Swan Pharmacy)  it is still a Pharmacy to this day….. that must be some kind of record.


I also understand that the roadway, in front of Jens Bang’s House, is actually over what was once the waterfront, the building having direct access to the quay.   As Bang’s was a Merchant and Trader I guess this made it the perfect location for his home and business enterprise.

One of the joys of travelling, is that of discovering buildings and their stories.  Aalborg had many surprises but this spectacular house will live long in our memories.

Wherever, and if you are able to travel,

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13th August

(C) David Oakes 2020


6 thoughts on “Grand Architecture…….

  1. So beautiful, but as always. I love your written pieces about photographs… The last photo is my favorite. Maybe because of the bike… but the history of the building and also still the building is alive, how impressing for me. Thank you dear David, Love, nia


      1. We are in the city now but during weekend we plan to go to the village… We will see how it works… Thank you and welcome dear David, have a nice day, Love, nia


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