A Pleasant Reminder……. Up High


Every so often Facebook throws out an image to remind me of previous events.  The pic above is of Grandson Ewan.  It was taken back in August 2014 (boy he has grown since then).  It is the helicopter that is the other significant reminder.

For it was this weekend 6 years ago that I had a treat of a Helicopter flight.  In truth it should have happened a year previous, and on various other occasions, but as is often the way with pre booked flights the weather has other ideas.


But this time I was off up and away and Ewan was there to wave me off.  This was not just any flight, this was to replicate the Dam Buster Run up the Derwent Valley, the flight those RAF Pilots took on their training missions prior to the German Dam raids.

The Upper Derwent Valley is a real favourite location of mine, but it is extra special in August when the Heather on the moorlands is in full flower.  At ground level you find it fantastic, from above it does rise to a higher level of fantastic. Sorry the images are not pin sharp or as bright as they could be, but in a moving chopper and through a Perspex window it the best I could do….

Hellic--09911qqq-sharpen-sharpen The water level is low but in 2014 it was soon back to full level.  But also notice how steep and enclosed these valleys are.  The dams are hard to find, just think of the skill those Lancaster Pilots had to execute, just to fly even the training missions.

As a bonus for having to wait nearly a year for the flight, our pilot took a detour.  The detour was over another of my favourite places Chatsworth House…..  always spectacular, but from up here you get to appreciate the true size of the House and its Gardens…. The Palace in the Peak.

Now that really was an added bonus…

So Thank You Facebook for the memory reminder….was it really 6 years ago!

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

17th August

(C) David Oakes 2020

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