A Late September Afternoon in the Peak District….


We were lucky enough to manage a walk in the Derbyshire Peak District.  Late afternoon but a September autumnal sun shone. It had taken most of the day for the sun to break through the morning mist, a mist that lingered for most of the day.  Clear skies and that mist was not the best of lighting for landscapes…..  but frankly we were not bothered, it was just nice to be out enjoying some invigorating fresh air.

_DOI4948_00020qqq The location was Curbar Edge.  A gritstone outcrop, a drop to the Derwent Valley below and over the flat expanse of Eastern Moor on the other…. eventually taking you along tom Froggatt Edge with equally dramatic Derbyshire views.  Normally these edges would be alive with “Rock Rats” honing their skills on the crags.  But none today, restrictions are in place.  As for the Gritstone itself, it was once the stone of choice for carving Grindstone for milling and other tasks.

We were about two weeks too late to see these crags and moors at their best.  August is when the Moor is covered in purple Heather, into September and the flower heads are turning brown.

_DOI4962_00034qqq Heather is a tenacious plant of the upland moors.  It survives severe winter weather and seeks out the most unlikely spots in the rocks to dig in its roots.

If you have ever wondered why Artists are always so sun tanned, well like this artist …..  you find a quiet corner sheltered from the wind and hope you are not disturbed….


Mind you photographers’ wives are also long suffering, particularly if they don’t like edges with steep drops…..  sometimes they go on strike…  expressions say it all!


I did say an invigorating walk, well it was.  But the fresh air, sunshine and peace was equally as invigorating for both body and mind.  All the more so in these current trouble times we all live in

But all good things come to an end.  Evening approached and with it clouds came in ready for the night sky.  So we headed home and left the moor to a few of the Cattle used for grazing the moor…


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

19th September

(C) David Oakes 2020

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  1. Ah, to be a photographer’s spouse–on the one hand, I can well appreciate their precarious position, but on the other, I’d much rather remain the photographer, and pray that they continue to tolerate and humor us.


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