September Ends….. still no autumn but the change has to come soon


Yesterday, 29th September was a day you could wish for.  We  had managed to book tickets to visit Calke Abbey a Parkland.  Like other National Trust Properties, CV19 means you have to book in advance.  Trouble is you do have to predict in advance what the weather will do (no booking allowed on the day!).  So, we were lucky.

The woods are always a great place for a walk.  Despite it being the end of September there was little indications that autumn is knocking at the door…  It will come but not for a week or so yet.

The Red Deer Hinds were relaxed, feasting on the Acorns. The Red Stags were in hiding, soon their testosterone levels will rise and peace in the woods shattered….

Till then the Hines are making the most of a bumper crop of Acorns.  The ground is literaly littered with Acorns under the Veteran Oak’s.


The Beech is the other dominant tree in these woods.  Still rich green and with the low sun, quite spring like on the trails….


Like many Trust properties, they seem to feel the need to dress up these natural spaces with sculptures and other so called ‘Art Works’.  I can understand temporary exhibitions, indeed I rather like them, they make a change…. but as permanent fixtures I am none too sure.  I know the tree below is well past its “sell by date”….  and I like the silhouette it casts in all weathers…. but this adornment seems more than a little out of place.


We have passed this tree for many years; it has always been a skeleton Each winter it loose just a little more of its structure.  It has though become like an old friend.  Even the sapling tree on top thrives.

As the end of the afternoon approached those blue skies started to vanish. The forecast is for some bad weather ahead.  The evening sunshine did make the Coach House and Stable block glow…


but the clouds told the story of change….


Nor did those clouds tell any lies…  today, the last day of September and it’s raining.  We cannot complain as we do need the rain and today, we are certainly getting it !


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

30th September

(C) David Oakes 2020