Even on a very Dull Day


A carpet of golden leaves.  Yep, even on a very dull day with endless grey clouds, the colours of autumn manage to shed some bright light onto the day.   It may be, what in today’s world, we call a virtual light…. but who cares, It does a great deal for the soul, lifting the spirits.

Now if the “Country Folklore” is correct we are heading for a cold and bleak winter.  The reasoning for this statement, is the prolific crop of Berries.  True or not, the Birds will certainly enjoy a welcome winter feast.

Enjoy what remains of your autumn….but

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

30th October

(C) David Oakes 2020

4 thoughts on “Even on a very Dull Day

    • With all the rain we have been “enjoying” it has kept the greenery all,very lush…. there is the saying spring greens, well this year we have a double helping. One in spring and another now in autumn. Temperatures are also unseasonably high, bobbing around 13c. Keeps things growing for awhile longer. But those berries are a blessing and a worry, it may be folklore that suggests a bad winter. There is also a bumper crop of acorns, vital winter food for many birds and mammals, and they are busy feasting and storing. My experiences seem to go with that theory so I am getting my thermals out early 🙂

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