Moody Monday….. On the Cut!


Cromford Canal, Derbyshire

Moody and all quiet along the cut.  Why cut?  well these canals were hand made, dug out by hard labour and a spade, “cut” through the countryside.

Cromford Canal was given a license to be dug by Act of Parliament in 1789.  It was to be a vital commercial link between Sir Richard Arkwright’s Mill complex at Cromford with the wider canal network across England. Sadly that link has been lost many years ago.  So for the time being this section of the Cromford Canal is isolated and tranquil, a haven for wildlife.  Some hope that one day that network link will be restored and waterways traffic resumed.

Cromford is of course the home of the Industrial Revolution and Arkwright was instrumental in its development.  Apart from the canal, Arkwright was in part responsible for the creation of the High Peak Railway.  The wharf building above was not just a canal feature but also one of the very first Railway warehouses on a Railway network. The High Peak Railway was again a major industrial construction achievement, a railway built through and across terrain that even todays engineers would bulk at.

A Moody location but once the key to progress in transport.

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16th November

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