Mix Up – Stir Up Sunday


By tradition, this Sunday, the last before Advent,  is know as Stir Up Sunday.  The day when the Christmas Plum Puddings and Christmas Cakes were mixed, steamed or baked.  Again by tradition the younger members of the family were encouraged to stir the mix and make a wish.  Not sure just how many folk continue with this Christmas custom.

What I can remember, is that my mother was rather dismissive of Stir Up Sunday…..  “Far Too Late  – one needs time, several months for the Puddings and Cakes, rich in Brandy, to mature”.  It was a principle that many of the older generation adhered to and many still do…. and I can vouch for the rich taste that patience provided. 

No matter when you Mix Up or Stir Up, the process and the baking always creates that special Christmas is Coming aroma.  Anticipation.

As always…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

22nd November

(C) David Oakes 2020


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    1. I did reply earlier (on my phone) but see that the reply isn’t posted. Yep, Zoom has been a much needed boost in these troubled times, particularly with extended families. I can still remember the days when my Dad had our very first phone installed, quite a novelty. Boy were we popular with the neighbours, very handy for them to pop in for that quick urgent call. But Dad also said ” there will be a time when you will dial a number and be able to ‘see’ the person you calling” ….. we all laughed. 🙂 We would have laughed even louder if he had said that the phone would be in your pocket!

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