It was a rather good day…..


January Morning, Allestree, Derbyshire

This morning post was rather wishful thinking in respect of the weather.   But some times one’s wishes do come true…….  for January, this has to have been a rather perfect day.

After a period of rains, mist and fog with the odd flurry of snow, we woke to bright sunshine.  The skies are blue and despite the ground still being frozen, that sun did seem, for once this winter, to be giving off some warmth.  With so much damp arround the mist still lingered and no doubt by tonight will thicken, maybe even turn to fog.

Lockdown Restrictions have been made much tougher, indeed they needed to be. Exercise is still important, so we are more than grateful to have some open spaces, so near to enjoy…. and on a day like today a real bonus….


The Lake, of course remains frozen….but in our part of the world, frozen lakes are not for skating, but to be treated with respect…


Now if I was a greedy person, I would be saying ‘Same again tomorrow’ ..Please!

 Even the Met Office hasn’t firmed up on tomorrows predictions.  So we wait to see 🙂

Whatever the weather……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th January

(C) David Oakes 2021