Flippant Friday……. Lockdown Fatigue


Just another Lockdown Day

One day we will all be able to get out in the Great Outdoors again…..  at least we have each others company, not everyone is so lucky.

Until then…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

15th January

(C) David Oakes 2021

7 thoughts on “Flippant Friday……. Lockdown Fatigue

    1. We are all trying to be positive. What I find so hard to accept is the constant drive to book holidays. We have record infections, record deaths, in the middle (may be just the beginning) of another lockdown, yet folk are booking holidays in record numbers. I, as much as anyone, do lookforward to a day when it is safe and sensible to expand our boundaries, a little further than just our immediate area. But the reality is that there are seriously ill people waiting essential life saving operations,operations that keep on getting cancelled and put back to later dates only to be cancelled again. The Hospitals are full and CV takes priority. All those people want is not a holiday, but their chance just to survive. For far too many the reality of Covid still hasn’t sunk in….. its a blip, it will vanish, get the vaccine, its a magic wand, wave it and life will be back to normal……. they don’t even recognise that normal will be very very different Sorry I was trying to be positive, like everyone I dream…..but as we know this is for so many life and death and some folk need a reality check

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  1. I find it so hard to believe/accept that there are so many people who don’t take this horrendous threat completely–and, literally, deadly–seriously. We still don’t know enough about it and everyone must not only comply with, but actually embrace the precautions recommended by the real experts.


    1. We have strange messages here. the them is stay home don’t give the virus to others…… maybe the message should be stay home, don’t go out and catch the virus. Thankfully the majority are complying but the minority who are not is quite a large one.


    1. The Wise Old Owl in that group certainly looks grumpy….at bit like me when our days, at the moment, seem to be dark, grey and wet. But as for talking to friends we are allowed out for a short period of exercise. We can meet one other person….. but I don’t plan that. On our daily walkies with Buster I pass other folk, some like me with a dog,and the highlight is just to extend the traditional ‘Good Morning, Hi, etc’., into a brief conversational update. It is at least something to be welcomed in these days of restrictions. Our biggest disappointment is that we still havent seen our latest Great Grandson, born on New Years Day (just a picture) or more than a brief doorstep glance at our latest Great Granddaughter born at the beginning of December. But at this moment, distance is the best solution in exceptional times. …….. I wonder what we all will talk about when all this is over ? 🙂

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