The Blasted Oak……


Catching the first warming rays of the early morning sun.  The Blasted Oak still stands tall, it is many years since it was struck by lightening.  Whilst its top most branches become more skeletal, as each year passes, some of the lower branches still put up a good fight,  producing a few leaves each spring.  It may well not have many more years standing on this hillock. That will be a shame as its a great perch, a lookout point, favoured by many birds throughout the year. 

Warm as this morning sunshine appeared, it was for us bitterly cold -7c.  

Down by the Lake that same early sun did its best to bring some life to an otherwise frozen morning…

The Black-headed Gulls seemed reluctant to take to the air despite a frozen lake..


All in all, despite the cold it, was a great morning to be out…..  what a difference to those weeks of rain,  bringing damp days, that crept into the bones,  I actually felt much colder than todays minus temperatures.

A bleak landscape but looking all the more likely to return to life thanks to the heartening morning sun…


Our snowfall has only been a sprinkling, the cold has been keeping it hanging arround for a few days.  Other parts of the UK have ‘enjoyed‘, if that is the right word, severe snow storms and deep drifts.  The forecast is that things get warmer next week….  but who really knows. 

Please Remember to ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

11th February

(C) David Oakes 2021

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