#TreeSquare …. A Venerable Oak

Venerable Oak

This venerable Oak has graced this field for many centuries. Observed much in its life and even had the field named after it – ” Oak Furlong Meadow “.  Survived yet another winter and once again sporting a rich head of leaf (all be it a thinner head as each year goes bye)

A Square Tree for Becks challenge :- The shadow of a tree – The life of B (beckybofwinchester.com) #TreeSquare

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Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

1st July

(C) David Oakes 2021

16 thoughts on “#TreeSquare …. A Venerable Oak

  1. oh what a lovely lovely tree, and so glad you have joined us for #TreeSquare, but can I just check is your photograph square? Looks rectangular on my screen


    1. Just back in office now. I have checked my file as it was a cropped image. File size is 1005 x 1005 pixels. But agree it does look strange on WP. Not noticed any enforced trimming before (and I use a slim format for my blog pages) but agree with your initial thought. 🙂 I will post another/different image later today just to see if it occurs again


          1. Did you add it as a gallery or image? If gallery, then I know WP can do strange things sometimes. So frustrating for you though


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