Slowly but surely……


It has been a strange spring and summer.  Take our Honeysuckle for example.  This variety has always been a spring flowering bush.  Indeed it was  and gave us a terrific display and scent.  The flowers fade and are replaced by red berries, a feast for our birds. Now in September we have unusually a second flush of flowers.  True they are more subdued in colour and the berries form much quicker… but it is still a bonus for us and the birds.

The only sure thing this year is that Autumn will arrive  ‘sometime’.

Nor can you can we escape the inevitable.  At the moment that travel to autumn is slow. We still have blooms in flower, others have faded away. In the wild, Ivy is forming its multi berry heads, flowers are turning to seed anticipating another spring next year.  Berries on Rowan are rich and full…. but the changes are taking place.  At least for the next few weeks we will still enjoy a rich green background to garden and countryside….

It is the mornings that are the first real indicator of changes.  Mist that lingers waiting to be burned away by any sunshine that we are lucky enough to enjoy…


Enjoy this between seasons weather but also…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

6th September

(C) David Oakes 2021

10 thoughts on “Slowly but surely……

  1. That is certainly the reality…. autumn proper for the past few years has moved backwards by a couple of weeks and now runs into late December. None of the dramatic changes of old just a gradual morphing of one season to another.

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  2. I’m always ready for autumn as it is my favorite season of the year. That beautiful honeysuckle of yours brought back pleasant memories for me of childhood. Our neighbor’s honeysuckle scent always wafted through the air to our house in the early summer. I love that aroma and wanted some in our yard. But now it’s considered an “invasive plant” here and we can’t find any to plant. 😦


    1. Invasive plants…. here I get really annoyed when plants we have grown and tends carefully are suddenly deemed by experts as invasive. OK, we do have a small number of ‘foreign invaders’ that do damage, but many are true cottage garden plants. 😀


        1. I find it strange that we are expected to believe so called experts stating that we cannot have such and such plant or certain wild animals need to be culled…. yet it was not that many decades ago when another group of experts were setting down new rules, and many of those proved groundless. They play God far to quickly.

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