Thoughtful Thursday…… The Humble Teasel


In the UK the Teasel is a Wildflower.  Found in hedgerows, field edges, river banks and usually where there is damp ground.

The distinctly prickly seed head grows on top of tall thorn covered stems. In the summer those heads start of green the develop into a furry blue flower.  At this stage it is loved by Bees.  Then once autumn approaches, and into winter, the seed heads become a vital food source for small birds…..  in particular they are loved by the diminutive Finches.  Their benefit for wildlife is why many gardeners allow any self seed Teasels to flourish.

Teasel Seed Heads have also proved their worth in the woolen and cloth mills. Attached to spindles they were used to ‘nap’ the wool strands or cloth, on the loom as it was woven or spun..  These natural tools were far better than any manufactured steel roller.  If a spike caught in the fabric it would break the spike and the teasel replaced.  With the steel roller, when it caught a fibre it could, and more often did, tear the fabric.

Always amazed at how resourceful our forefathers were.

I do understand that in some countries Teasels are considered an invasive specie.  But in the UK I consider them an essential addition for our Wildlife and mixed Habitat…. they decorate many a river or lakeside bank and a vital food source


As always……..

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Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th October

(C) David Oakes 2021

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