Thoughtful Thursday……. Freedoms


A Right…  that was Hard Faught For. 

In 1932 there was an illegal event that started a major change in Public Access to our Countryside. It was a Mass Trespass, organised by three groups of walkers from the industrial areas surrounding the Derbyshire Peak District and its Moorlands.  At that time large areas of land were the strictly protected by Large Landowners and their Gamekeepers – No Access allowed, even though those lands were crossed by trails and packhorse routes that had been used for centuries

The Mass Trespass occurred on Kinder Scout, located in the heart of Moorland in Derbyshire Peak District.  The Trespass started peacefully but didn’t end well…..tempers flared and ended in violence.  Several Trespasser end up in Jail. 

But the cause to allow walkers to walk and enjoy open Countryside gained momentum and gradually the argument was won. Soon a network of Public Footpaths and Rights of Way were acknowledge and mapped. Freedom to enjoy our now open countryside was available for all

Progress continued to be made.  We now have areas defined as ‘Open County’  and a Parliamentary  ‘Countryside and Right of Way’ Law.  The CROW act as it is now referred to, still had to be fought for, but now well established.

The sign post above was erected in 1964.  

I have always passed this simple sign with great respect….  It reminds me of the hard won freedom that I have greatly benefited from over the years… to enjoy that very simple pleasure of walking in OUR Countryside.  A very pleasant thought for this Thursday.

Enjoy your Thursday….. and

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

16th December

(C) David Oakes 2021




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    1. Maybe I should have added that the CROW Act only came into law in 2000 (England that is)….. slow progress was made to secure Rights of Way and Access to Open Countryside. Small milestones along the way but it took until 2000 to be really meaningful. As I am a Manchester Lad at heart and my walking days started from that heritage, I have always been rather proud of this Folk song…. you maybe familiar with it. if not then this a link:-

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